Adoptable Pets

Jack-Adoption Pending

Jack is a gorgeous little 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier. He weighs about 5.5 lbs. Jack is super sweet and loves his people!
He was purchased from a breeder and then the woman realized that a puppy is a lot of work. Jack’s aunt decided he needed to come to the rescue so he could get the right home this time.
Jack is ready for his new home and would be very happy to have a lap of his own to snuggle furever.
His adoption fee is $600.00

Duke-Adoption Pending

Duke came to the rescue as an owner surrender after the new baby arrived. Duke was protecting her and her brother ran at them and Duke nipped at him.
We will not allow a family with children under 14 to adopt him.
Duke is an awesome dog and really sweet and loving with adults. He doesn’t like stairs so a single story house would be best for him.
He is a natural herder and loves people but isn’t clingy.
Duke is located in Freeport N.Y. His adoption fee is $550.00

Dr. Foofles-Adoption Pending

Dr. Foofles is a Cava-Poo-Tzu-….. bottom line is he’s a cute 10 week old mutt.
He was surrendered to the rescue and is now current on his vaccinations.
He is working on housebreaking and crate training although his foster mom does spoil him a lot.
Dr. Foofles is located in Freeport N.Y. His adoption fee is $650.00


Roux was left in a shelter in upstate N.Y. through no fault of her own. She is the sweetest little girl in the world. She is around 7 months, weighs about 15 lbs., is mostly housebroken and she is crate trained. Being in a shelter set her housebreaking back a bit but she’s doing really well with it now.
Roux was deemed rescue only because while they were doing her evaluation she growled when the poked her while she was eating. So don’t poke her while she’s eating. Simple enough…….
Roux would do well in a home with children that are respectful and understand how to treat a small pup. She appears to be non-shedding but we can’t be positive that she is a hypoallergenic breed.
Roux is located in Freeport N.Y, Her adoption fee is $450.00


Peanuts was surrendered to a high kill shelter in NY city because when the person that had him stepped on him he nipped their foot because of pain. Peanuts was terrified in the shelter and was put on the rescue only list.
We pulled him out with only an hour to spare. He was going to be killed otherwise.
Peanuts is a really sweet little dog. He is around 6.5 years old and weighs around 16 lbs. He’s a bit of a sausage but is still a cutey pie! He likes to sleep under the covers and is a very quiet dog.
Peanuts is dog selective and doesn’t like when other dogs get in his face. The best home for him would be someone with a quieter household and w very good lap.
Peanuts is located in Freeport N.Y. His adoption fee is $400.00


Madison was being surrendered by her previous owner to a shelter on Long Island. Her owner said he was losing his home and couldn’t keep her. But to put a 9.5 year old dog in a shelter would have been beyond cruel so some volunteers called us and of course we took her in.
Madison is a little nervous of thunder and lightning and fireworks too. Most dogs are. She wears her thundershirt like a champ and it works pretty well for her.
She is a lovely dog and likes to play by herself or with her person. She would do fine as an only dog. She does not like cats.
Madison is current on her vaccines, weighs about 13 lbs and has just had a dental done. All she needs now is someone who will love her and care for her for the rest of her life.
Madison is a very healthy dog and has a lot of energy. She loves going for walks too.
Madison is located in Freeport N.Y, Her adoption fee is $300.00
Health & behavior: House-Trained Spayed / Neutered Vaccinated



Katie was taken into a rescue in PA and then suffered horribly. She had problems with her hind legs and because she went to a horrid person who was hoarding dogs and letting them live in filth, without medical care and little food or water her muscles wasted away. She was found by animal control laying in her own waste with another dog who couldn’t walk. Living in unbearable heat in the dark with no running water and not understanding why she was there and not knowing that there was a better life coming she just started to fade away. When Katie came to us she wouldn’t eat and was just not there. We knew that she wanted to live but she was so sick. She was quickly diagnosed with sever pancreatitis which is a horribly painful condition and we also discovered that she did have feeling in her hind legs.
We started treating the pancreatitis immediately and her foster mom willed her to live. Mommy Maria wasn’t going to let our Katie go without a helluva fight. She washes her and changes her diaper every few hours and when Katie doesn’t want to eat she cooks for her and hand feeds her. And don’t tell anyone but Daddy Chris sneaks her fries sometimes. She loves them.
Katie’s been having her ups and downs but lately she’s having more ups. We are so happy that she’s here with us but we need help to get her really well. Katie didn’t deserve what this pos fake rescuer did to her. To be saved from one hell only to go to another is a horrible thing. Please let us show her that life can be wonderful!
We constantly take in pups that no other rescues will take. Whether due to illness or behavior they all deserve a chance at a good life. Please find it in your heart to contribute to one of our special needs pups with a donation. They are such good babies and got a really crappy hand dealt to them originally. Now we will care for them and love them. Perhaps they will even find their very own furever home.
Please contact us at if you have any questions or simply click on the link below to donate. 100% of all donations go to the animals. None of us are paid and we all work full time in addition to doing rescue. It’s about the pups and only about the pups.
Special needs • Coat Length: Medium

Miss Dixie


Poor Miss Dixie was found wandering the road in Mobile Alabama. She was taken to the shelter but they didn’t have the resources to care for her or diagnose her. She was missing a considerable amount of her fur, had skin tags all over her body and a large mass on her side. She had obviously not been taken to a vet or cared for in a long time.
No other rescues would take a chance on her but when we were asked we saw those gorgeous eyes and couldn’t say no. She needed us and we needed her.
So the journey started from Mobile to NY. We got her to a vet there immediately to start her care. Blood work was done and we found out she had a thyroid condition. She was started on medication for that immediately. Other tests needed to be done but we had to start her transport so that would have to wait a few days. Off she went to her foster till we could get her to South Carolina for the New York transport. And then she finally got her to us. She won fans and friends along the way with anyone that looked into those eyes! She has something special.
Once she got here we took her to our Dr’s and tested her for Cushings Disease. It came back as positive for the kind that stems from the pituitary gland. There is no cure for Cushings but it is treatable and now we are getting her medication levels worked out. Once that’s under control we will have the mass on her side removed so she is more comfortable. It’s quite large and is heavy for her to carry around. Plus she’ll be able to expand her wardrobe once she has a waist again!
We constantly take in pups that no other rescues will take. Whether due to illness or behavior they all deserve a chance at a good life.
Please find it in your heart to contribute to one of our special needs pups with a donation. They are such good babies and got a really crappy hand dealt to them originally. Now we will care for them and love them. Perhaps they will even find their very own furever home.
Please contact us at if you have any questions or simply click the link below to sponsor Miss Dixie. 100% of all donations go to the animals. None of us are paid and we all work full time in addition to doing rescue. It’s about the pups and only about the pups.
Miss Dixie is Special needs • Coat Length: Medium


Honey was seized by animal control due to neglect. She lived in a trailer with a hoarder who couldn’t care for her. The back story of her life is a very unpleasant one and we won’t disgust you with it. The faint of heart would be appalled by it just as we were.
She was fed out of dumpsters (overfed) and lived on Kentucky Fried Chicken waste for many years. She came to us completely obese, weighing in at 105 lbs. although she should ideally weigh around 55 lbs. and was so heavy she could barely walk. She is slowly losing weight and starting to be able to go for a walk for around 4 blocks.
Honey was never bathed or brushed, both of which she does enjoy. She can’t get enough love and pets. She’s very mellow and is a wonderful companion. She would do great with someone who would walk her 2 or 3 times a day, 4 would even work for her. She gets one cup of kibble a day and lots of frozen green beans with it.
Honey is such a pretty girl and all she wants is to be loved and to love her human. She is good with most dogs but can be dog selective so a meet and greet is a must if other dogs are in the household. We think she would be fine with children as she is a very gentle girl.
Honey’s ideal home would be with someone older and a peaceful place. She’s been through so much and just deserves to be the princess she should have always been. Honey is located in Mountaintop PA. Her adoption fee is $300.00. We do not ship our dogs to adopters.
An application and home check is done prior to any meet and greets. Our dogs are all home fostered. All meet and greets are by appointment only after an application is received and fully checked.
If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pup please email us at for an application.
Honey is House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Coat Length: Medium


Bitsy was found wandering the streets of Lancaster County PA. She was obviously an Amish Puppy Mill cast off. Her ear is deformed from hematomas from either fly bites or animal bites. She was limping because of an old wound on her front leg that may have resulted in cellulitis. Neither condition is life threatening but can be painful. She is missing most of her front teeth and will have a cleaning and any extractions of her remaining teeth will be done prior to her being adopted.
Bitsy is now learning how to be a corgi. Something which was completely foreign to her prior to her arrival. She now knows how to climb the steps up to the bed and sleep comfortably without worrying when she’s going to wake up from being safe and happy.
Bits is a tiny girl. Maybe tipping the scales at 20 or 21 lbs. She’s a funny little pup who looks at me with wonder in her eyes. She knows what treats are now and joins the pack to get hers when it’s her turn. She is crate trained but would prefer to sleep with her human.
She’s good with other dogs but it isn’t a necessity to have other canines in her new home. She is fine with or without as long as she has her humans 🙂
Bitsy is located in Freeport N.Y. Her adoption fee is 400.00 We do not ship our dogs to adopters. An application and home check is done prior to any meet and greets. Our dogs are all home fostered. All meet and greets are by appointment only after an application is received and fully checked.
If you are interested in adopting this wonderful pup please email us at for an application.
Bitsy is House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Primary Color(s): Red / Chestnut / Orange • Coat Length: Medium


Little Lovely Lilly really needs to be adopted ASAP. She is a beautiful yorkie type mix who is about 13-14 lbs. She is sweet as pie and loves to play with other dogs!!! She needs a home without any young children as in her previous home she was badly abused to the point of sustaining injuries by the kids there. Although she is a total peach, we would rather not rehash any bad memories for her.
Lilly is a total love bug who just wants to go home!!!
We love her dearly but she’s ready to run off to her forever family now ♡ she is utd on vaccines.


Jack is so sweet! We can’t imagine why in the world his family wanted him euthanized because he had an ear infection. The vet they took him to said absolutely not. They treated his ears and then they asked us to take him in and find him a real home where he would be loved for the rest of his life.
Jack is 12 years young and if you know poodles they can live way way way past that.
Because Jack’s ears went untreated for so long he is now deaf. He is learning a form of hand signals and just wants to be held and loved. He is also blind in one eye due to a cataract. It doesn’t affect him at all.
Jack is pure love and deserves better than he’s gotten in the past few months. He is a wonderful little dog and will be a great addition to your home.
Jack weighs in at around 12 lbs., he is neutered and vaccinated, he is housebroken and crate trained but doesn’t need to be in one.


I know it’s been said before but seriously this is the greatest dog ever! He is a complete sweetheart and so handsome! He’s just really a perfect guy in every way.
When we saw him in the shelter we figured he’d be adopted in a NY minute but somehow he wasn’t. So of course we wanted him!!!
Then his original family called, they had been out of town when he “got left outside” and said they really didn’t want him back anyway. Freaking jerks! So their loss will be another families gain.
Kingston is 3 years old and weighs in at about 50 lbs. He is housebroken, microchipped and fully vaccinated. He doesn’t go on the furniture but will step up to give you a big hug.
He’s a little timid meeting new dogs and kitties but is very gentle with all. He is learning how to play and have fun with them.


Poopie was found in the streets and in horrible shape. The abuse and neglect this poor little guy must have gone through is beyond what we ever want to imagine.
Another “rescue” stepped up and took him but then brought him back because they said he bit them. No one noticed that he had rotting teeth, infected anal glands and his knees and hips were arthritic. That’s great! He was still suffering and with people who didn’t have a clue and didn’t take him to the vet.
The shelter asked us to give him a chance and of course we did. We went to meet him and evaluate him with our trainer and no matter what we did we couldn’t get him to react. So we made arrangements to pick him up and bring him into the rescue.
Poopie has since had his dental and his other end tended to also 🙂 He is on an anti-inflammatory for his joints. And doing much much better. We found that he is afraid of falling and when he’s sitting on the couch he may get scared that he’s going to be pushed off and get hurt. He will open his mouth in reaction but has never bitten. He loves to lounge around and enjoys sleeping on the bed.
We are working on his potty habits and he does well on a leash or when taken out but does take his time getting to the business at hand. He will use wee wee pads if he knows where they are.
Poopie was aged at 11 yrs but because of his prior life of neglect he may be a bit younger. We can’t be sure. He doesn’t like his face clipped but will let you wash it and will stand in the sink nicely for a shampooing. He loves getting towel dried too! He weighs in at about 10 lbs.
Poopie is a little frightened of other dogs and will act like a tough guy but then he’ll just wimp out. A meet and greet with other animals in the household is absolutely necessary!!!
He’s been through enough in his life and he’s such a sweet boy that we will only place him in the best of homes with someone who understands what he’s been through and will be patient with him learning to trust them.
Poopie has learned to scamper when we come in the house and when you call him with a funny “doggy cuteness” voice. He has come such a long way and just needs the right home to spend his golden years in comfort and with love.


Misha came to us as an owner surrender when her dad was being evicted from his home. It was a good thing we had room to get her right away! Her former dad said Misha had ear infections all the time. Well that was an understatement! Our vet looked at them and said they were the worst he had ever seen. She will be having a specialist do surgery on them, one at a time in the next few weeks. She’s going to feel so much better when they are all taken care of. While doing the pre-surgical tests, they found that she has a heart murmur and was started on medication. She will be fine now but she would have lived in pain for the rest of her life if we didn’t take her in.
Misha is so sweet even with all the pain she’s been in. She was all matted and a real mess when she got to her foster mom’s house and she went to the groomer and was just the best and sweetest little girl!
Whoever adopts our little princess will be very blessed to have her in their lives!
Misha is spayed and has all her vaccines. As we said she will be having her ear surgery and will be all better soon but she will need medication for her heart murmur for the rest of her life. She weighs around 8 lbs and is 7 years old

Champ and Lucky

Meet Champ and Lucky! These two are truly the sweetest Chi’s I’ve ever met! They came from a home that had 3 very large dogs also. Two of the big dogs wanted to snack on Lucky and Champ so the family asked us to find them a safe and loving home. Of course we said yes.
The boys were pretty confused and very scared when they first arrived. I would be too if this happened to me!!! They are getting comfortable now and have their own side room open to the living room so they see whats going on 🙂
They are both 4 yrs old, house broken, neutered and utd with vaccines.
They are actually not really barky for chi’s, not at all, but that could change.
We would prefer a home for them together. They have been together all their lives and are so little. They are both house trained, neutered and current on vaccinations.


Adorable little Shamrock lost his home when his elderly owner moved to an assisted living facility. He had a large growth on his head and we were told it was a tumor. After a medical consultation with our Vet it was determined that it was a hair cyst and not a dangerous tumor after all. Unfortunately, that isn’t the least of poor Shamrocks troubles. He soon after started having seizures and is exhibiting symptoms of dementia.  If we can find someone willing to adopt Shamrock that would be fabulous but it needs to be a good home with someone who is aware of the severity of his medical issues and willing to give 100% to him. Unfortunately we believe he might remain with us for the remainder of his life.
Sponsor Mela


Mela is a beautiful girl that was dumped on the streets of Hempstead NY. When she was picked up by animal control she was skin and bone and horribly neglected. What made it worse was that she has very poor eye sight and was just paralyzed with fear.
The shelter provided a safe warm place for her and treated her poor little body with healthy food, lots to drink and medicine to make her strong again. Sadly nothing could be done to bring her vision back.
As is typical with older dogs that have some special circumstances no one felt she was very adoptable so we were asked to step in and get her out of there so she could have the comfort of a quieter place.
Mela is Wee Wee pad trained and does have peripheral vision. She is very loving and really quiet. She wants nothing more than a lap to cuddle on, a warm bed and a good meal with some delicious treats to live out the rest of her days.
Mela is probably around 9 or 10, and is fully vetted now. She will give you love and ask very little in return.
Please consider Mela, she didn’t ask for the life she got and definitely didn’t deserve to be thrown away like yesterdays trash.
Mela is located in Freeport NY
Adoption fees apply.


Ruby was a medical case dog in a rural southern shelter. When we saw her picture we knew no one else would save her life so we didn’t hesitate to get her out of there and get her the medical treatment we could see she needed.
Ruby had suffered severe eye trauma and her eye had already ruptured and needed to be removed. She had also been bred over and over again so we knew a spay would be necessary as well. When she arrived in New York she was suffering horribly from infected and rotting teeth. This poor baby was on the verge of becoming septic and would have surely died if we didn’t get her.
Ruby is now completely healthy and ready for her new home. She is a little angel and loves cuddling with her human. Nothing makes her happier than being held and loved. She will give all the love she has in return. She is really a wonderful little girl and should have nothing but the best.
Ruby is between 7 and 9 at best guesstimate and weighs in at approximately 13 lbs. She is very quiet. She does need to eat separately from other dogs as she gets nervous that they will take her food and she likes to wander from bowl to bowl if allowed. Sometimes this can cause problems with other dogs.
Ruby is located in Freeport NY
Adoption fees do apply

Rules For Adoption

An adoption application must be completed before any meet and greets or extensive information is given out. All of our animals are home fostered and we must be diligent about protecting our volunteers. Our adoption fees range from $0 to $500 and are determined on a per case basis. Our puppies that are to young to be spayed or neutered will be adopted out and a contract will be signed committing the adopter to perform the procedure as soon as the puppy is deemed ready by a veterinarian. This will be done no later than 6 months of age.
Our animals are rescues. We sometimes don’t know everything about the animal as they are usually in our care for a short period of time. We disclose EVERYTHING we are aware of at the time of adoption. We cannot be responsible for an issue that occurs weeks or months or years after the animal is adopted. Opening your heart and your home to a rescue animal is a commitment. It is not for as long as the dog is easy to care for, or, until you get tired of it. It is for the life of that animal. We will be very selective as to who we allow to adopt our angels. We expect you to be open and honest during the adoption process.

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